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Spring Newsletter

Greetings in Christ from Iglesia Hispana Evangelica de Santidad and the Watson's.  Let us update you on what the Lord is doing in Dalton.  We are watching and praying with fasting and much work.  The church mission work is growing to the point where a large enclosed back porch (12 X 25 feet) is being completely remodeled to provide us with a large classroom.  Our English class has twelve or more regulars on Monday and the Children’s class has around the same number. 

We are anxious for God to increase our faith and the Holy Spirit’s presence.  We’ve received some wonderful answers to prayer:

  1. The Roy Vargas family made a special request about his job and citizenship.  God has intervened in both areas.  We have seen spiritual growth in the Vargas Family
  1. A new lady requested prayer for herself and for her sister to find jobs.  Both of them were hired the next week on the same day.  I think this was a shocking answer to prayer for them.  They had never seen God move in this way before

Karen and Sis. Beagan have put a lot of work into the Easter season with songs, stories, and an egg hunt with lots of prizes (many of which were donated). 

Theresa is a new lady in our English class who attends with her two sons and a niece.  She wanted her sons to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt with the other children, but when asked to have them bring back a plastic egg filled with something about the Easter story, she said she had never heard the Easter story.  She said she only knew about bunnies. For Easter, Karen gave her a Spanish/English Bible, and we marked Luke chapters 23-24 for her to read.  Theresa brought her Bible back to the next class for us to put our names in it and asked us to tell her where to read.  Please help us pray for this lady who is hungry to know God.

The English class visited the children’s program where they heard Becky Eversole give a very exciting, simple version of the Easter story while Roy interpreted.  Afterward Tim Eversole gave a simple message which also was interpreted.  For the Easter program we had record attendance of 43 including a new family with six children.  The mother and father want to attend the English classes and let the children attend the kids’ club. 

A neighbor visits every day while the room is being remodeled.  He and his wife both have cancer.  This man outwardly appears hard and gruff.  I asked him to let me pray for them and he said, “Okay.”  God came in a wonderful way.  When I finished praying, C.L. (his preferred name) wiped his tears, put on his cap, and left.  He comes back every time he sees our truck.  Please put him and his wife on your prayer list.

We appreciate the help we have received from:

· Bro. and Sis. Bill Beagan – help with the children, crafts, clean-up, etc.

· Bro. Ralph Raley – remodeling

· Bro. Joe Stewart – remodeling

· Bro. and Sis. Tim Eversole – Easter program

· Bro. Carson Scarbrough – labor and discount price for sheetrock for remodeling 

Thanks for several who sent in offerings and various donations for the mission.  Just to mention a few:

bulletBro. Charles Thomas for a steel outside door complete with frame
bulletQuoc and Joy Nguyen for a white board with markers, floor tile, mirrors, gifts for the egg hunt and refreshment
bulletFinancial contributions from several others
bulletJeannie Hill - floor tile

Some things to pray about:

bulletThe Holy Spirit moving among our Spanish friends.
bulletThe regular workers
bulletThe Vargas Family
bulletSis. Beagan
bulletThe Watson's
bulletRegular Sunday services to begin in mid to late summer (many have indicated they will attend when we begin services)
bulletA Spanish pastor and family
bulletThe financial load is heavy, but every need has been supplied (praise the Lord for this)
bulletThe Watson's to become fluent in Spanish (this will take a lot of faith – ha)


If you would like for us to present this missionary effort in your church, please let us know.  We would be happy to do so.  You may contact us at 1707 Center Grove Rd., Rock Spring, GA  30739.

 If you know someone who would like to receive these newsletters, please send us their address and we will add them to the list.  It is your prayers and financial assistance that are making this outreach possible.

If you wish to send a tax-deductible financial contribution, please send it to our treasurer, Gwen Townsend, at 112 N. Forrest Rd., Chickamauga, GA  30707.

God bless you,

Harold and Karen Watson

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